Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Art of Resisting Temptation...

Just got back from San Diego for a week of sailor and good-byes. It was awesome and I suppose I will get around to writing about it all on its own. However, at this point I want to brag about my ability to resist all in the name of a dress. I have been itching for a new tattoo like a crazy woman! Like seriously, for a while now its all I could think about. Got a couple different things I want to do, and my tattoo guy is located in San Diego so I figured this would be a perfect time to get some new ink and also touch up my existing beauty. HOWEVER, every time I thought about doing it I would freak out about how I would cover said new tattoo for the upcoming wedding dress I will be wearing in November. It was seriously a battle every day trying to decide if I wanted to get one. Inevitably the dress one and I opted to wait until I am living down there and after the wedding to add some new ink. I figure it will keep both my mother and soon to be mother in law happy. Yeah yeah yeah , I know... I'm a real giver! Just because I love it, here are some of the original pictures of my precious tattoo, the first of probably many.

Shaun is the GREATEST!

The redness has obviously gone down. Can I just say.... I LOVE MY TATTOO!


  1. What do you want to get for your new tattoo?

  2. Old lady glasses. I'm thinking like very baby pink, rhinestones in the corners, hint of cat eye shape... just very 'old woman (like 80+) who puts big huge fake flowers in her hair in the spring' kinda glasses. And then at some point down the line I want to do some kind of karma circle thingy, but that is stil something I'm trying to figure out.